Sunday, October 27, 2013

50 Greatest Photographs

Time flies, time stands still, too. A photograph is a way to remind us that time does stand still in the frame, timeless forever. Time flew, between the time, I, first heard about the National Geographic exhibition on the Fifty Greatest Photographs and when it was also coming to a close on the 27th of October. Made a run for it on the 26th of October and loved every second of it. While I have a more abridged form of the exhibition in the National Geographic, Collector’s issue, which is also 125th anniversary issue, seeing them in this well curetted manner definitely was a treat to the photographer in me. Yes, I wanted to just spend some key moments with these art shots which not only have helped the causes that they were photographing through the donations that poured in, I also wanted to do it without my own camera. I did have my phone with me and I just had to take this one shot which is timeless in any every sense of the word.  The lighting especially the back light, on each print was what dramatized, the show. A treat it was. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Young Talent

Some shoots leave you extremely Joy-ous. This one did. The subject was a young talent who needed portfolio shots for documenting. A bright confident young lady at only 14, not only am I completely bowled over by her capabilities, but it’s her love, passion and perseverance that I marvel at. The child who is yet to realize that the mirror does hold a charm other than a casual glance, was a sheer natural once we let her sit on the piano. Her music books and singing made her so at ease that she sang for her pleasure and for mine and we had a lovely shoot....Sharing with you here some special shots from that shoot.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dear all we now have good news,
Red Dot in Mosaic
Mine and artist Smita's exhibition at the Viridian Art House this month. Stay tuned for more images.